mentorship of
Leyla Heinen
your result — my goal
Before mentoring with me
There is no understanding of how to blog, how to monetize it, receive requests for services or training. There were attempts to independently apply knowledge from other courses, but there was no result. The question in my head is "What is wrong with me?"
After mentoring with me
There is a clear vision and a written plan of action that you applied under my guidance and began to receive applications for your services and training. I increased my income, expanded my blog audience, and most importantly, I began to appreciate myself and what you do!
I know how to help you
For 4 years I have reached a stable official income of half a million rubles and this is not the limit, I set myself the goal this year to make 1 million rubles a month
Gathered a huge number of satisfied customers
and very popular personalities who come back to me again and again, and this is what I will teach you
Created online and offline products and educate people around the world
Opened an incredibly cool studio with partners in the center of St. Petersburg @lima.grimerka, successfully developed it and sold it due to moving to another country
I entered into permanent cooperation with major Russian brands and I am insanely proud of it @goldapple @anna_pekun and many others
Growend and monetized my Instagram and telegram
You need 2 months only
I will share with you the 6 modules of my program, which has already brought results to students from all over the world
Module 1
1 Week
Goal-setting and working through self-value
Goal setting and decomposition
Analysis of assets and point A
Digitization of previous actions and results
An inspiring and motivating call for further work
Module 2
1,5 Weeks
Product development and positioning
Building positioning
Developing a product/training program
TA Analysis
Increasing the check by increasing the value of the product
+ 14 days of post-training feedback to consolidate results
Module 3
2 Weeks
How to create viral content in Riles
How to build topical storis
How to lead content in a post
Packaging the account
Module 4
2 Weeks
How to attract the target audience through Reels
Promotion through bloggers/barter
Mutual PR
Promotion through offline, meetings
Collaborations with other experts
Module 5
1 Week
How to sell to a warm audience
Working through communication skills
How to hook a student/client
Reporting value through personal correspondence
Writing scripts and templates
How to build a dialogue with customers so that they buy
Module 6
1 Week
Website packaging
Developing brand DNA, personal style
Packaging the meanings on the site
Verified contacts of web designers
This is not a course
The value of my mentoring is that I will give you the tools to create a personal brand and business. I will not only be your mentor, but also your friend, who will inspire you by example and help you find your way!
We’ll go through all the stages of your growth in blogging and business development together! You’re not alone, I’m with you and now you just can’t fail!
Personal communication in chat 5 days (Mon-Fri) a week from 12:00 to 18:00
Personal calls once per module with parsing
Additional materials
I am a practitioner and I share practical skills
My partners and I opened an incredibly cool studio in the center of St. Petersburg @lima.grimerka, I successfully developed it and sold it due to moving to another country
Business strategy for 2 million rubles
And I'm my own case!
Marketing, strategy, promotion, personal brand and, as a result, profit! It’s all my work, which has brought Beauty Coquering a line of clients and hundreds of positive reviews!
I recently sold this project for 2 million rubles!
I promoted my own Instagram account to 45,000 followers. Thanks to my personal brand online, I have worked with major companies and media personalities, which I am incredibly proud of
I definitely have something to share to make you more confident and start making good money with your business!
In the group
650 €
1 085 €
Access to all lessons
General chat
Group calls and showdowns
Support after training 14 days
Access to all lessons
General chat + private chat with me
Personal calls
Support after training 14 days
Individual guidance to the result
Choose a comfortable format for your development
no possibility
to pay now?
I give the opportunity to pay tuition in installments personally through me without banks or interest, so that everyone can take a step forward to their future
Fill out the form on the button below and I will contact you so we can find a convenient payment option
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